Friday, February 26, 2010

Are we there yet??

So, as fun as being engaged is... Is it over yet!? Things have been really great. I really love planning everything and it hasn't seemed all that crazy yet. But I'm sure it will get more so.... 76 more days!!!!! That seems soooo long. But every time I tell my mother, she kind of gets stressed. :) probably because there is so much to do still. But I really really wish it would go by faster. Kevin made me a REALLY cute countdown for Valentine's day, "100 Day Countdown To The Marriage of Melanie & Kevin" :) It was super cute and it helps me keep track. But to be honest, I started counting down the days all the way back at 115 days :) When I was young, I used to do that for the last day of school, days until I went to EFY or girl's camp, and days until big dances I was excited for. Now I am counting down the days until I get to start the rest of my life with a wonderful husband! :) Everyday I fall in love more and more. And I will continue to count down the days until the happiest day of my life!! :)