Monday, June 18, 2012

Newport Beach Work Vacation

Well folks, i am typing this on my iPhone, so if I misspell, don't hate. I am sitting in my room in the Marriott resort and spa hotel in Newport Beach, California, right across from the Fashion Island Mall with a beautiful view of a green green golf course and the blue blue sea :) I can see the sail boats and fancy houses... Though I flew out here with the intention of working hard, turns out I am hardly working! The Chick-fil-A opened in the Fashion Island mall on June 14th, and it is full of upscale shopping and in one of the most affluent areas in the country. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL and extremely FASHIONABLE and well dressed... Everyone has a "pocket pooch" with crazy outfits and bedazzled collars on. I even saw a man pushing around a stroller FULL OF PUPPIES! Really!? I don't understand. But all in all, everyone seems really nice. I have driven up the pacific coast highway (or the PCH as the locals say) all the way to Oxnard through Malibu and seen the many beautiful scenes of fanciful houses and beaches... We went to Hollywood and saw the Chick-fil-A there... We ate at Roscoes chicken and waffles... We went to the rainbow sandals outlet and purchased fancy flippy floppies... And we have made s'mores and ordered pizza and hung out around the hotel... I have loved meeting and getting to know the other trainers and learning their life stories :) I have one more week before I fly back to land locked Utah and my only goal is to get to the beach!! Happy vacationing to me!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

LAST UPDATE... Feb. 2012- June 2012

Vinyl Monster performs at Muse Music again!

The HILARIOUS video of Kevin and Jamie dancing to the Kinect Dance game :)
In March I was a grand opening trainer for the Chick-fil-A in City Creek Center!  It was HUGE and wonderful!  I met some wonderful people there :)

Brittani... and the wontons...
Andrew, the wonderful Operator of that location...
I helped my home location (in American Fork) at many Thanksgiving Point events :)

I made my sisters AWESOME Easter baskets :)

Went on a few very fun dates with my love...

Attended the wedding of STACEY and LANDON :)

My ladies!!

For Kevin's 26th birthday we....
got dinosaurs....
Ate yummy omlettes....
Had our favorite, the Red Iguana :)
Luckily it was Cinco de Mayo so lots of drunkies joined us :)
Free tres Leches cake!!!  Feliz Cumpleanos baby!
Walking around City Creek :)
AAAAnnnndd Hair changes, YET again.
Ombre this time!!
we flew to Houston!!!

I found them this way after church :) how precious...
Game night!!
My cute husband!!
Mother Dear in the coolest car ever!!

We went to NASA!!!

Kevin got me this FABULOUS ring for our 2nd anniversary!!
We stayed in a sweet hotel in downtown Houston.
The Breakfast Klub the next morning!!
ALL DONE!!! Thanks for joining me through this update!!!  All done with the mega photos for now :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update continued.... Aug. 2011- Feb. 2012

Well we drove to Rexburg... and helped David and Ashley organize and got David a desk!
 We watched conference with them and I cut Ashley's hair!
 The next weekend we went to Boise to visit and helped Margaret re-arrange her Family room.
 We attended a dance party/ Kevin and his group performed again.
 I changed my hair... AGAIN... I also did my student teaching at Lehi High School... It was quite enjoyable.
 Thanksgiving was nice... the entire Dunning clan (my mom's family) came into town to visit... except my parents.
 On my birthday Kevin was in Costa Rica for his job at 4 life and I was doing a grand opening in Ammon, Idaho... since we couldn't be together... he sent me flowers!!
 We MOVED to Draper!!
 For Christmas this year, we visited Germany!!
 Kevin and Mike!
 Look at how cute it all is!  It was such a neat experience!  I will never forget it!!

 When we got home, Kevin bought a bike!
 My beautiful mother came to visit lots as my grandmother got sicker...
 After teaching, I decided Chick-fil-a was my calling in life and I continued to work there!
  I bought Liv some cute things....
 Chick-fil-A in American Fork received business of the year!!
 We went on some dates... We won lots of tickets!!

 Us at the Blue Iguana... that is red inside...
Almost done!