Monday, July 9, 2012

California Suprises

Recently my wife Melanie went to California for a couple of weeks to help train employees at a new Chick-fil-A store in New Port Beach, CA. Since my mission area was just about 20 minutes away from where she was staying I wanted to go visit while she was there, but with my work and everything else going on I couldn’t go. Luckily she brought some of the best parts trip back to Utah for me to enjoy.

Roscoe’s is a delicious restaurant in southern California that serves up an unlikely combination of chicken and waffles all on the same plate. Although I would have loved to have some of their food brought back for me, I got the next best thing, a sweet t-shirt. To wear with my new t-shirt I also got an incredible pair of new sandals. In San Clemente, CA there is a factory discount store for Rainbow sandals. If you have never had a pair I would highly recommend them. Once you break them in they are incredibly comfortable, and at their store in San Clemente you can get a pair at a great price.

Since I am hard to surprise, and I knew the shirt and sandals were coming there were two more surprises waiting for me when Melanie got home. The first was a crayon ring. I first saw crayon rings a couple of years ago online and thought they were an awesome idea, so when my wife saw them at a store she grabbed one. The last surprise was a huge bad full of my favorite lotion, orange ginger from bath and body works. I don’t know what it is but I love the smell. So when Melanie saw that her hotel had free mini bottles of it she just grabbed one every day she was there, so two weeks later I now have a full supply. My wife is aweome!