Monday, January 11, 2010

The Beginning: Her Story

So. I (Melanie) am going to tell my side of the story of how Kevin and I met. It's quite a story, and I have our first week practically engrained in my memory. I went to the first day of RA training, kind of nervous about starting my new semester and my new job. I knew a few of the other girl RAs from Heritage and tried to hang out around them as much as possible. As I met my co-workers, I was being my outgoing, dancing self and really enjoyed that first day. We were up in this huge house down past Springfield doing all sorts of games and getting to know you activities. The first thing i remember about Kevin was sitting in the circle during meal time, i think he had talked to me in the line ;) and he was talking to this girl named Jordan who was in his major. I remember thinking how cute he was and that I wished he was talking to me instead of her. We probably flirted a little bit, and I was really loving talking to everyone. Tuesday during the day, Kevin mentioned that he had a car. Looking for a reason to hang out with him, and also needed a ride to WalMart, I netioned he should give me a ride to WalMart. during one of our many classes, I was playing with his rather complicated phone and figured out how to put my phone number in so he would have it... I felt pretty bold considering he hadn't asked for it :) That night, after a rather long and unpleasant date with some other guy, I called Kevin and we drove to WalMart. I loved talking to him and listening to all his crazy music. One the way I told him I needed to buy a backpack- but it was going to be a special one. I told his to guess what it was, he said, "Dora the Explorer?" (I'm pretty sure he was just joking, but I responded with, "YES!! How did you know!?" :) Wednesday the RA training took us to Salt Lake where we texted pretty much all day, and even though we were in separate vans and groups, we managed to hang around each other and talk A TON. That night I went to watch a movie at his friend Monte's house, with his girlfriend (now wife) Nikki, where Kevin held my hand for the first time! :) Thursday, we went to Camp Williams and did out door type things... I'm sure we hung out Friday, but Saturday night i had to go to this wedding reception as a blind date, long story, but when I got back Kevin and I went to my good friend Amy's house and helped her build a desk from Ikea and then when Kevin took me home that night, when we were talking at the back door, he kissed me goodnight!! It was pretty wonderful i tell ya. Sunday we hung out again, and that night decided to start dating. Pretty fast, but I wouldn't change a thing about how things began. Life has been pretty wonderful since that first crazy week. We've had many ups and downs, but I have ended pretty much everyday with a smile :)


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  1. I love it Melanie!! Be sure to bring your Dora backpack on the Honeymoon :)