Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Beginning: His Story

I was kind of a chubby and awkward kid growing up. I assumed for a large part of my younger years that I was not destined to talk to any pretty girls. Then in JR. High a funny thing happened, girls began to acknowledge my existence, not only that, but I even mustered up the courage to talk to a few myself. Soon a shift in my thinking occurred, not only did I know that I could talk to any girl, but I was sure in the fact that any girl was approachable. Then the culmination of my shift from awkward kid to bustling teenager occurred when I suddenly knew that I had it all wrong, not only was I able to talk to pretty girls but I could get them to like me, maybe even love me I thought. Soon I was more selective in the girls I would pursue and hang out with, only the prettiest would do as I searched out countless crowded classrooms.

Now flash forward from 12 to 22, I am done with my mission and eagerly looking for that next pretty girl I could talk to. Before going to BYU my expectations of endless lovely ladies were very high. However, the dream did not exactly meet that reality, or that is until I began Resident Assistant training.

Scanning a crowd of enthusiastic college kids my hopes were high again, but from the lessons of my youth I knew only the prettiest and only the best would do. I don’t think Melanie was the first girl I saw those first couple days of training, but she is the only one I remember, and the only one I wanted to talk to.

Introductions are always the hardest. What to say to a girl who has probably heard it all? No matter I thought, any other girl here would be a waste of my time compared to this one.

My chance to talk to Melanie came as most chances in my life do: pure luck. As the line for dinner formed I saw Melanie at the end and I hurried to be the lucky guy next in line.

Think quick Kevin, she has had guys flirting with her all day.

“Nice earings.” Is what I think came out first, hopping she would like the fact I noticed her earrings were mismatched.

Success, conversation followed, and we found our first similarity in our argyle socks.

After my first few words with Melanie I knew I liked her, and let myself have a glimmer of hope that she would like me back.

So I did what any young man should do when he likes a girl, I avoided her and did everything possible to make her think I was not interested. With so many other girls there, it was easy to find a few in eye shot of Melanie to talk to.

It must have worked because a funny thing started to happen: where ever I went, Melanie would happen across me to start back up the conversation we had earlier in the food line. I had her, or at least I hoped I did.

Soon my hope turned into a late night trip to Wal-Mart with just the two of us. She made me wait by the phone all night, but all good things you have to wait for.

I knew from our first adventure that Melanie was fun and spontaneous; I mean how many girls ask a guy out so she can buy a Dora the Explorer backpack?

I remember calling my friend Monte that night to talk to him about how awesome Melanie was. I still wasn’t sure if the feeling was mutual, but I was certainly convinced. Not just convinced that I liked her but convinced (and kind of scared) of the fact that Melanie was not only the prettiest girl in my RA class but the prettiest girl I knew and exactly the kind of girl I would be lucky enough to marry.

I figured it was time to stop playing the make-Melanie-think-I-don’t-like-her game, and begin the much harder task of not kissing her too quickly. Sounds easy enough, but when every day someone commented on how big or nice Melanie’s lips are, the goal became increasingly more difficult.

I finally gave in after driving Melanie home from her friend Amy’s house, where we discovered what was soon to become our favorite kissing corner, next to the back door of her apartment. I had no intentions of kissing Melanie that night, but her beautiful brown eyes made me think different. Then as Melanie lingered and avoided the final good night I guess I could not help but give Melanie what I could have only hoped she wanted, an amazing kiss goodnight . I never would have guessed as I said my final goodbye that night that although the night was ending one of the best things to ever happen to me, my life was just begining.

The rest I guess you could say is history, but really it is history that lead me to Melanie. Thanks to all those pretty girls who gave awkward me a chance I was able to have the confidence to finally kiss the prettiest girl I will ever know. That night she liked me, now she loves me. So I guess I was right.


  1. ok. diablo.
    1. you're a good writer.
    2. i'm so excited for you guys.
    3. that's all!!

  2. Adorable.... I am so excited you two will have a blog!

  3. I laughed out loud multiple times. I never thought of you as chubby and akward! I love your admission about playing the make-her-think-I-don't-like-her-game. It works every time :)

  4. TMI on the make out corner, I loved reading all the rest of it.

    Melanie's Mom

  5. I love that Monte (and me) are in both of your stories. That's fantastic. What a match made in heaven!

  6. Love this! You are a great writer and you certainly got it right about Mel. She is the best! So fun to read about things from your point of view as I've been hearing about it all from her side for so long...
    Love, Tamsen