Monday, March 1, 2010

Date Night=Great Night

Kevin and I went on TWO dates!! It was pretty fabulous. Friday night I arranged this big group date with 3 freshmen girls from my hall, and 3 of Kevin's mission buddies. Us girls, since we have dining plus meal plans, each bought a pizza from legends gille and then brought it to Kevin's house where the boys were all waiting for us. We had a few awkward moments until Kevin decided to have us all play some get to know you games, 2 truths and a lie. The goal is to tell the group 2 true things about yourself, and one lie (not in any specific order) then have the, guess which one was the lie. Mine were, I have 3 citizenships, I have gone skydiving, and I love riding horses. For those of you who didn't guess right away, my lie was that I love riding horses. I actually hate even being near them. Partially because that was always my sister's "thing" growing up, partially because they could kill me, but mostly because I just hate animals. I think I will allow my children to have pet rocks. Maybe low maintenance fish, but that is ALL. Kevin can have a dog if it lives outside and I don't have to ever smell it, pet it, or hear it bark. So probably not. :) ANYWAY- then we drove to Fat Cats (a bowling alley)... Kevin and I played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution arcade game) while we waited for lanes. Then we bowled for an hour. It was fun, but my backwards-between-my-legs bowling style is starting to fail me. I have resorted to throwing the bowling ball like a basketball chest pass down the center of the lane. That was okay, but not great for accuracy. I think I am doomed to being awful at that sport for the rest of my life. I am okay with this. Then we walked across the street to the Malt Shoppe and got yummy milkshakes. I do love those guys. :) That was a great night. Saturday, after doing homework through the last BYU home game against New Mexico. Kevin and I went to IN-n-Out Burger for dinner. Personally, I don't see what the big hype is, but Kevin and his family seem to threaten to disown me everytime I mention that fact :) Then we went to the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra Concert featuring my freshman roommate, Allison, as CONCERT MASTER, err concertmastress? anyway, she is the BEST violinist in the BYU School of Music right now... and that is saying a lot. It was REALLY a great concert, but since it was 2 hours long, Kevin fell asleep for a little bit :) It's okay though, it was a really slow, soft part.... then we hurried to the BYU Preference "Great Gatsby" dance. It was super cool and 20's themed. SO neat. It was in the Provo library big banquet room upstairs and they had this sweet live jazz band playing, "mocktails" (unalcoholic cocktail drinks...), and a few of the BYU Ballroom dance team members even performed a couple dances that were popular at the time... It was super neat. Kevin and I got all dressed up for it. :) I had a great time. We even rented the Great Gatsby movie to watch after. What a fabulously 20s night. :) I sure loved our fun dates this weekend. I love my Kevin :)

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