Sunday, March 21, 2010


Kevin and I looking rather cute all bundled up.
Kevin is good at skiing :)

Enjoying a sunny lunch.

Me, not so much.

SO. Since most of my life has been spent in Houston, Texas, I never really had the opportunity to go skiing growing up. The only time I had gone before this weekend was over spring break my senior year, when my mother took all the kids. She just made us take a small lesson and then waited at the bottom of the hill while we tried skiing. The whole idea of strapping flat sticks to your feet to slide down an icey mountain seems crazy to me, but I tried it anyway. I HATED it. Mostly because I only enjoy doing things that I am good at, so the fact that it did not come naturally was frustrating. I swore that I would never do it again, but then this Christmas, Kevin's dad gave us two passes to go to Brighton, so I decided to try again. Kevin is an excellent skiier and was quite excited to go with me. I was pretty nervous about it. But we rented everything we needed and Kevin just made me go right up on the chair lift. Unfortunately, neither of us realized that there was a smaller slope, but I did the real one just fine, kind of. When I started, I didn't do very well, It took almost an hour to get down. And Kevin was very patient with me, he used his swim lesson instructor voice :) It was pretty funny. I went down one more time, but then my muscles were shot so i just let Kevin go down the harder slopes for his own enjoyment. :) We enjoyed a nice lunch, and then I read a book while he finished skiing. I think next time we go I will try and go down the mountain more than twice... It was really fun. :) I do have some pictures from the day though, so enjoy :)

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