Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chance of a lifetime: Peru!

Kevin has been able to travel with his job the Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic! This October I was able to join him and his company on the trip of a lifetime! To Cuzco, Peru!!

See his side of the story with most of the details of the trip here:

While I was there I wrote down some of the things that I observed, and I'm glad I did! Now I can share all of the great things I was able to see and not necessarily capture on my camera :)

Peru Observations:

-Most of the buildings were Huts/ adobe shacks
-Women carrying stuff on their backs, really heavy loads, with blankets used to wrap the materials close to their bodies
- Hundreds of Mangy dogs running around, they ruled the streets!
- The Scenery was like a really green rural utah
-Holes were carved out of the steep hillside and covered with tarps for homes
-People seen climbing up the steep hills
-the cows were very skinny!!
-"No roof no pay taxes" rule makes all homes roofs unfinished. Most buildings were 3-4 stories high and the first few floors would be where the families lived and had shops where they worked, but the top floor remained unfinished and usually had clothes lines with clothes hanging all over.
-Cusco is very high in elevation, so the Air is thin, feels like a brick is on your chest.
-Little boy looks like he's 3 running home from school by himself on a busy street, lots of children running around unsupervised.
-Women in traditional clothing
-People everywhere sitting on the street, don't they have some place to be?
-One LDS church among the dirty unfinished buildings, was like a beacon in the dirty city!
-Honking means: I'm turning. Don't walk out in front of me. Don't slow down! Screw you!

Service Project Day:
Self sufficient schools/orphanages
Girls: learn sewing, knitting, baking/cake decorating, ceramics
Boys: agriculture, farming, baking, ceramics, cooking, carpentry, metal work, dairy
Had various chapels, dentist, barber, 2 psychologists on staff, as well as housing orphans

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