Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update Continued... Mar. 2011- May 2011

The Orchard's came to visit!!
 Aubrey looks mega-fierce :)
 Alex CRACKS me UP!!!
 Epic moving shot of Kevin at work at Chick-fil-a....
 Shopping with Amanda!!

 Happy Bridal Shower Amanda!!

 Amanda's Birthday... the classic chocolate bunny I always gave her... only super sized :)

 Amanda's Second bridal shower :)
 Aaaaaaaaand hair's back to normal.... ish....

 The Orchard's came to visit again!!!
 Fun at the park!!!

 JuliAnn was hitting Kevin with her shoes :)

 Awe look how cute we are in the slide....
 Missy flew in for Kevin's graduation!!
 Me sitting with the visitors!!

 Me with my graduate!!
 Us leaving room for Mike who had to stay in Germany...
 Roommate lunch and hang out!!
 Amanda's art work was on display!!
 Us at Christina and Robert's wedding!!
 Me with the happy couple :)
 Awe the cute Bridesmaids!!!
A sight I never thought I'd see.... them dancing together!! :)

On to the next wedding....

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