Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update continued... Oct. 2010- Mar. 2011

And again, here we go!!!
 Court side seats to see BYU basketball team play!
 We decorated our new home!! and yes, it does look like an IKEA showroom!  Literally, everything was purchased there!! :)
 And believe it or not, Kevin picked a lot of it!  It wasn't just Melanie style only...
I LOVE this couch!!

 We drove to Boise for Thanksgiving, and it snowed like CRAZY on the way up there...
 Uncle Kevin in a pushup competition with the Orchard family!!
 Aubrey Apple showing off her muscles!!
 JuliAnn is so strong!!
 Kevin and me at my last orchestra concert at BYU!
 Amanda came to watch too!!
 Kevin DJ'ed a show at Muse Music in Provo!! He was so excited!!
 We bought our first Christmas Tree!!!
 It was REAL and I was SO excited!!
 This is what they made cadillac's for right!?
 When we got home- a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Kevin is so great to me!!
 Two of my freshmen roommates... looking classy as ever...
 3 of my favorite people stopped by!!!
 Kevin and I at my choir concert!
 Yay its all decorated!!!

 Decorating our first tree!!!
 Flying to Houston the week before Christmas for a quick trip!
 Guess who got bored with her hair again!?
 I DID!!!!!
 Christmas in Boise!!
 We stopped in Rexburg on our way back to see David and Ashley!! :)
 Amanda and Jamie GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!
 Us looking fly :)
 Grandma made us her awesome Valentine's Day cookies!!!!
 Did i mention I work at Chick-fil-A now?? Me and the COW.... pretty sure this was KEVIN!!  He doesn't like to talk about his brief stint there as the occasional cow and cashier extraordinaire!
 AMY & ALEX got married!!! I met these two my freshmen year and they wrote all through his mission!!
 Kevin and I at their wedding!! I was a bridesmaid!! :)
 Watching JIMMER do his thing!!
WOW.  2 years is a long time....

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