Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update continued... May 2010-October 2010

Alrighty.... here we go on the VERY brief update of 2 years...

 We visited Boise for Kevin's nephew Jacob's baptism...
 Kevin's Dad, Mike, came into town from Germany for the event! :)
 After 1 month of looking... I got a job at the Olive Garden... which after 2 ish months I then left for Chick-fil-A.... sorry OG!
 We rode a scooter around for awhile... then it broke.
 My grandparents were nice enough to let us live in their house while they were on a mission in Houston, Texas!  It was SO wonderful to not have to worry about buying furniture or anything!  We will forever remember their kindness for that!
 We went on dates to Salt Lake City!  This was in the train station!
 This was at our favorite place, the red Iguana! Kevin has a creepy mustache... AND i'm pretty sure we went to see THE LION KING broadway show this same day! It was amazing!
 We bought a Cadillac!  We called her "Lemondrop" and she was an '87....
 My parents came into town to help us fix lemondrop...
 We went to a BYU football game with them while they were in town! and Amanda introduced her NEW boyfriend!! Jamie!!  They were "in like" at EFY many years ago, when she was 15 and he was 16... i think.
 The girls all attended Women's conference.... i think... again, this was 2 years ago.
 Kevin and Alex hung out :)
 and then.... WE MOVED!
More on the last two years... to come!!

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