Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update continued... may 2011-July 2012

We went to HOUSTON for Amanda and Jamie's Wedding :)
 And of course no trip to Texas is complete without Whataburger :)
 Kevin turned 25!!!
 Typical Birthday Dinner for a Cinco de Mayo baby!  Mexican food!!
 Temple for Amanda's wedding!!
 Luncheon at the BBQ place after!

 The head table :)
 Alex congratulating the happy couple.
 Me and Samantha :)
 Father and I catching some rays :)
 I was pretty proud of my food display!! Thanks for teaching me everything I know, Missy!
 Tamsen, Liv, and Grandma Maryana...
 Guess who moved next door!! JAMIE and AMANDA did!!  Kevin and Jamie enjoyed many nights of video game playing :)

 Scrabble when the Parental units came to visit!!

 Theme nights at Chick-fil-A!!  Beach party night!!!
 Ballerina night!!

 The CUTEST ballerina's of them all!!!

4th of July!! The Peterson's came to visit!! We watched the Provo City Parade!! :)

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