Monday, June 4, 2012

LAST UPDATE... Feb. 2012- June 2012

Vinyl Monster performs at Muse Music again!

The HILARIOUS video of Kevin and Jamie dancing to the Kinect Dance game :)
In March I was a grand opening trainer for the Chick-fil-A in City Creek Center!  It was HUGE and wonderful!  I met some wonderful people there :)

Brittani... and the wontons...
Andrew, the wonderful Operator of that location...
I helped my home location (in American Fork) at many Thanksgiving Point events :)

I made my sisters AWESOME Easter baskets :)

Went on a few very fun dates with my love...

Attended the wedding of STACEY and LANDON :)

My ladies!!

For Kevin's 26th birthday we....
got dinosaurs....
Ate yummy omlettes....
Had our favorite, the Red Iguana :)
Luckily it was Cinco de Mayo so lots of drunkies joined us :)
Free tres Leches cake!!!  Feliz Cumpleanos baby!
Walking around City Creek :)
AAAAnnnndd Hair changes, YET again.
Ombre this time!!
we flew to Houston!!!

I found them this way after church :) how precious...
Game night!!
My cute husband!!
Mother Dear in the coolest car ever!!

We went to NASA!!!

Kevin got me this FABULOUS ring for our 2nd anniversary!!
We stayed in a sweet hotel in downtown Houston.
The Breakfast Klub the next morning!!
ALL DONE!!! Thanks for joining me through this update!!!  All done with the mega photos for now :)

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