Monday, June 18, 2012

Newport Beach Work Vacation

Well folks, i am typing this on my iPhone, so if I misspell, don't hate. I am sitting in my room in the Marriott resort and spa hotel in Newport Beach, California, right across from the Fashion Island Mall with a beautiful view of a green green golf course and the blue blue sea :) I can see the sail boats and fancy houses... Though I flew out here with the intention of working hard, turns out I am hardly working! The Chick-fil-A opened in the Fashion Island mall on June 14th, and it is full of upscale shopping and in one of the most affluent areas in the country. Everyone is BEAUTIFUL and extremely FASHIONABLE and well dressed... Everyone has a "pocket pooch" with crazy outfits and bedazzled collars on. I even saw a man pushing around a stroller FULL OF PUPPIES! Really!? I don't understand. But all in all, everyone seems really nice. I have driven up the pacific coast highway (or the PCH as the locals say) all the way to Oxnard through Malibu and seen the many beautiful scenes of fanciful houses and beaches... We went to Hollywood and saw the Chick-fil-A there... We ate at Roscoes chicken and waffles... We went to the rainbow sandals outlet and purchased fancy flippy floppies... And we have made s'mores and ordered pizza and hung out around the hotel... I have loved meeting and getting to know the other trainers and learning their life stories :) I have one more week before I fly back to land locked Utah and my only goal is to get to the beach!! Happy vacationing to me!!


  1. Hey. remember how you are fun? :) I found your blog and thought I'd say hi. It is good to see all of your updates.

  2. Hi there!!! How are you and your cute boys doing!? I read your blog too :)