Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update continued.... Aug. 2011- Feb. 2012

Well we drove to Rexburg... and helped David and Ashley organize and got David a desk!
 We watched conference with them and I cut Ashley's hair!
 The next weekend we went to Boise to visit and helped Margaret re-arrange her Family room.
 We attended a dance party/ Kevin and his group performed again.
 I changed my hair... AGAIN... I also did my student teaching at Lehi High School... It was quite enjoyable.
 Thanksgiving was nice... the entire Dunning clan (my mom's family) came into town to visit... except my parents.
 On my birthday Kevin was in Costa Rica for his job at 4 life and I was doing a grand opening in Ammon, Idaho... since we couldn't be together... he sent me flowers!!
 We MOVED to Draper!!
 For Christmas this year, we visited Germany!!
 Kevin and Mike!
 Look at how cute it all is!  It was such a neat experience!  I will never forget it!!

 When we got home, Kevin bought a bike!
 My beautiful mother came to visit lots as my grandmother got sicker...
 After teaching, I decided Chick-fil-a was my calling in life and I continued to work there!
  I bought Liv some cute things....
 Chick-fil-A in American Fork received business of the year!!
 We went on some dates... We won lots of tickets!!

 Us at the Blue Iguana... that is red inside...
Almost done!

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  1. Holy CRAP Mel. Way to commit to catching up on your blog! I want to do a double date with you two soon so you can meet Brant. :) Buuut I have mono... maybe I'll give you a call when I'm better!